General Event Rules

1.  A driver must be at least 16 years of age or older and have a valid drivers license. A driver between the ages of 16 and 18 must have written permission from their parent or guardian in the form of a Sharecropper’s Parent/Guardian Permission Form signed and dated for this event.

2.  There shall be only ONE (1) person on a tractor when moving, unless there are provisions for others and these provisions meet with the Safety Officer’s approval.

3.   Never leave a tractor in gear when parked. This prevents a tractor from lunging and possibly injuring bystanders if accidentally started while in gear.

4.  Never leave an unattended tractor running.

5.  All tractors must be equipped with a kill switch or other device to stop the tractor accessible by the operator.

6.  All towed equipment shall use adequate sized safety chains, cables, or straps.

7.  Any tractors having steel lugged wheels may only access areas where designated.

8.  Event officials will determine the placement of tractors, engines, and other equipment in the display areas.

9.  Stanchions with ropes shall be used to maintain a distance of at least “three feet” between viewers and items being displayed or operated.

10.  There must be sufficient space around equipment being operated to provide the operator with easy access to the equipment at any time.

11.   Fire extinguisher must be located in proximity to any operating equipment.

12.  During the demonstration of any “tractor” powered equipment, there must be someone in the tractor seat at ALL times to control the tractor or the operator must have a kill switch easily accessible.

13.  While moving large tractors or any equipment where the operator’s view is restricted, there must be a second person to act as a safety person to help protect the spectators and guide the operator.

14.  Any factory equipped brakes or parking brakes must be in good working order. Wheel chocks must be used when a tractor is parked on any slope or incline.

15.  Care must be taken when refueling any equipment. The engine on the equipment being refueled MUST be stopped.

16.  If any equipment has an oil or fuel leak, a tray containing non-flammable absorbent material should be placed under the equipment to catch the leaking fluid.

17.  Event areas should be kept free of trash or debris.

18.  No alcoholic beverage is to be served or consumed in area where equipment is being displayed or operated.

19.  A Safety Officer may shut down any exhibit or operation at any time due to unsafe operation or conditions.

20.  During the operation of any “tractor” powered equipment, the operator must remain focused on the operation of the equipment yet aware of his surroundings and his direct line-of-sight, as in the case of using field equipment.