Track Rules

1.   5mph speed in the pit area or going to or from the sled.

2.  All spectators should be at least 30 feet from the edge of the track. If fencing or barrier is present a  shorter safe distance may be maintained.

3.  Only track officials and pulling vehicle allowed on the track.

4.  Cannot leave pulling vehicle unattended if they are running.

5.  You can only cross the track when the pulling vehicle or sled is not moving.

6.  Must have a fire extinguisher at the track.

7.  Pulling vehicle must be out of gear when hooking to and from the sled.

8.  Only the driver is permitted on or in the pulling vehicle. NO RIDERS!

9.  No alcoholic beverages allowed. Abuse will result in disqualification from the pull.

10. Pulling vehicles must stay within the boundary lines.

11. Drivers must remain seated when pulling. (if tractor was equipped with a seat when it was new) with one hand on the steering wheel at all times. NO BOUNCING!

12. Drivers will have a meeting before each pull starts to make announcements and answer questions.

13. Tractor drivers must be 16 yrs. of age or older and have a valid driver’s license. Drivers between 16-18 yrs of age must have written permission from their parent or guardian in the form of a Sharecropper’s Parent/Guardian Permission Form signed and dated for this pull.

14. If you are a member age 12 through 15, and do not have a valid driver’s license, you must have completed the EDGE&TA Youth Driver Training Program and have a Youth Driver Training Certification Card on your possession to drive in the pull or on the show grounds.

15. All participants must sign a waiver or release form saying the Event, the Promoter, officials in charge of the event, and all persons working with the officials or promoter are not responsible for any accidents.

16. Only pullers and/or their helpers allowed in the pit area. Visitors must be accompanied with a puller if visiting the pit area.