Tractor Drive Rules


EVERY participant in EDGE&TA events MUST be a member of an EDGE&TA Branch.

No set of requirements, regulations or cautions can prevent an incident. We must, however, take these safety requirements seriously. Our individual awareness and adherence to both required and desired requirements will greatly increase the safety of our parade entrants and the public who attend our sanctioned events.

Revisions:    6/19/2010 EDGE&TA Requirement

1.        A driver must be at least 16 years of age or older and have a valid drivers license. A driver between the ages of sixteen and eighteen must have written permission from their parent or guardian in the form of a Sharecropper’s Parent/Guardian Permission Form signed and dated for this show.

2.       If you are a member age 12 through 15, and do not have a valid driver’s license, you must have completed the EDGE&TA Youth Driver Training Program and have a Youth Driver Training Certification Card on your possession to drive in a tractor drive. Verification with the local police/sheriff department to determine if you can legally operate a tractor on a public road.

3.       There shall be only ONE (1) person on a tractor when moving, unless there are special provisions for others and these provisions meet with the Safety Officer’s approval. A seat belt must be installed to restrain the additional rider.

4.       All tractors must have an Emergency kill switch or device accessible by the operator from the seat.

5.       A working fire extinguisher must be located in proximity to each tractor.

6.       All tractors must have a triangle safety sign mounted on the rear of the tractor or wagon being pulled.

7.       NO riders shall stand on the drawbar or hitches.

8.       Tractors with cabs may have riders if they are on the inside and the doors are closed.

9.       All PTO shafts shall be covered when possible, or disengaged.

10.    A maximum tractor drive speed shall be maintained, usually 10 mph.

11.     All tractors must have working brakes to be eligible to participate in a tractor drive.

12.    Towing tractors must have adequate brakes to handle the towed load on any incline that may be encountered.

13.    Towing tractor must be heavy enough to handle the pulled load.

14.    A minimum distance of “4 times” the length of your tractor should be maintained between your tractor and the vehicle in front of you.

15.    Never leave a tractor in gear when parked. This prevents a tractor from lunging when started and possibly injuring bystanders or damaging other equipment.

16.    Never leave an unattended tractor running.

17.    All pulled wagons shall have a washer and hitch cross pin in the bottom end of the pulling pin, grade 8 bolt with double nuts, or conventional ball hitch.

18.    NOTE: wagons used on tractor drives shall be ONLY exhibits, signs, and other farm wagons holding NO people.

19.    NO people movers on tractor drives.

20.   Draw bar on pulling vehicle must be of adequate length for turning radius of wagon being pulled to prevent ride-up on pulling vehicle wheels. A safety chain is required and must be short enough so as to not allow the wagon to run into the tractor.

21.    Recommended to have a follow-up vehicle with tools and supplies.

22.   Recommended to have a follow-up vehicle to transport person to an awaiting emergency vehicle, in an emergency situation.

23.   Tractor drive officials will determine the placement of tractors.

24.   No alcohol is to be served or consumed.

25.   A Parade Official/Safety Officer may shut down any operation at any time due to unsafe operation or conditions.