Safety Rules

The safe operation and exhibition of farm equipment is of prime concern to the Sharecropper's Club and we encourage our members to promote the safe use of their own tractors, engines and other farm equipment and encourage others to do the same. However, no amount of safety precaution can ever prevent the occurrence of an incident. Our goal is to minimize wherever possible the occurrence of  an unsafe condition.

The Sharecropper's club takes safety seriously and all of it's members adhere to the safety requirements as set forth by the Early Days Gas Engine and Tractor Association, our national affiliation.


Have you noticed our club name has the acronym "SAFE"? Well back in 2007 a couple of our club members did. So remember this acronym when participating in a tractor related event or even when just using your own equipment at your home to always be safe!

Safety Tips

General Event Rules

Exhibitor Rules

Parade Rules

Tractor Drive Rules

Tractor Pull Safety Requirments

Track Rules

** For information on farm truck and trailer regulations in the state of Texas go to the link   - Texas Guide to Farm Vehicles (TX DOT)